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We not only have the best service to run your retail outlet of any kind smoothly, we offer you the opportunity to compete with the giants in e-commerce. Billing, Invoice, Payroll, Warehouse management, stock, sales tax, service tax. You name we’ve got it.


We do not just offer you a service to efficiently manage your hospitality chain, we give you a tool to empower your customer with the best in class hospitality experience whether you are a small time restaurant owner or a huge multi-national hospitality chain.


We give you one ubiquitous solution to manage all your needs. Right from registering a patient to discharging them, buying equipment to scheduling maintenance to replacing them, hiring staff to scheduling their work hours to generating their payroll to exit interviews, running your pharmacy.


Are you constructing buildings, promoting flats, fabricating materials, running factories? We have a one stop solution to all your buying, selling, advertising, marketing, automating all your needs.


About our

We are EVOLUZIN and We are in LOVE.

How it started?

Evoluzin Cloud Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd is the dream of two like-minded individuals bringing together innovative and affordable cloud based applications to the masses.

Who we are?

We’re a team of experts who love to create beautiful experiences between our clients and their customers through our innovative solutions either offline, online, mobile. We are completely crazy in love with our projects. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they get exactly what they want.

What we do?

We create stunning cloud applications with powerful functionality and usability combined to let you simplify your business processes and streamline your finances and operations

How we do it?

We love our clients and we build products that make them and us proud. We strive to provide exactly what our customers are looking for. A huge part of our brainstorming process is looking at our client feedback to make sure our clients needs are well taken care of.

Why we do it?

We believe that every individual should have the power to pursue their own dreams and destiny and not just giant conglomerates. With a sprinkling of our awesome apps on top of our clients ingenuity, creativity and hardwork, we just might have hit the magic recipe to make everyone succeed.

Where we do it?

We know how important it is to enjoy what you do and where you work, you spend more time there than you do at home after all. So we pride ourselves on having a fun, dedicated team making Evoluzin an awesome place to be.


Our core

eCommerce Ready

Want to take your business online so that it stands out from the crowd? Our application can seamlessly generate an eCommerce website with a click of a button so you can start selling now.

Want a mobile app to go along with it. Sure no problem, you need just another click.

Ultra Flexible and Easy to Customize

Our applications are ultra flexible and lets you manage your organization with stunning ease and simplicity for any type of business out of the box.

Grab a subscription and get started now.

Solid Support

With Evoluzin Cloud Applications you get a five star customer support. Along with our 100% rock solid 24/7 customer support, you get to request any number of your business specific features and addons. We will accommodate all our customer requested features in our incremental updates.

Free Lifetime Updates

With our cloud applications, you get a free life time updates forever. Improvements and features will be added automatically without disrupting your business operations to make the application future proof.

Awesome Design

Our cloud applications are designed with lots of attention to details. Our intention is to create an application that would look cool and awesome.


Our apps are designed to look cool on any device from mobile, tablets to desktop computers. We create custom desktop apps so that users can interact with websites as though they’re native applications. We work with our clients to understand the needs and expectations for the user experience.


Our set of

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